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How we are working with features?

Solutions that we provide


Providing dynamic solution
Providing WordPress solutions

Custom solutions

WordPress Solutions

Lead segregation

To manage your leads between multiple people we provide lead segregation functionality in your website for follow up.


Lead management

Basic / Extended lead management in your website. By using these features you can easily manage your leads.

Basic lead management features.

Lead routing

Automatic as well as manual lead routing is provided.


Automatic feed maintenance

Automatic feed maintenance services in both solutions. Maintain your feeds easily by using this feature with the help of cronjob.


SEO & metadata option for all web pages. SEO with dynamic parameters for property listing.

MLS integration

MLS integration in your website

Single & multiple MLS integration in both solutions.

Add multiple agent

Add multiple agents into your websites. This feature is very useful to brokers.

Listing management

Organize and manage your property listing data downloaded from MLS board. Also, perform various actions using single or multiple property listing.

Predefine search

Set search parameters, save as predefine search and use for various purpose.


Staff management by roll and access permission.

WordPress inbuilt user management feature.

Schedule showing

Schedule showing feature on the property page and sending email based on request. The reporting feature is also available.

Print listing details

Print full listing details including an image on the property page. The same feature is available in the administrative area.

Agent website

Creating a website for an agent. Main domain or subdomain based both options are available.


Agent webpage

Creating a dynamic webpage for the agent profile.

Create a webpage for agent profile with fixed features.

Agent team

Create an agent team with a group of available agents.



Content management system to manage your website contents.

Access permission

Create multiple user roles with different access permission of website modules.

WordPress providing inbuild access permission.

Assign location

Assign specific location to individual agent.

Listing enquiry email / report

Lead capture feature on listing page and on the website, based on that inquiry email and report feature.

Log activity

Keep track log activity

Feature to keep track of user log activity.

Providing limited customization on WordPress website

WordPress inbuilt log feature.

Custom dashboard

Custom dashboard as per business requirement.


Site configuration

various configuration to adjust your site setting.

Responsive technology

Responsive design work across major devices and respond to the end user’s behavior as per screen, OS, and orientation.

Login / Signup

User registration and login feature to access such features and functionality.

User profile

Feature for registered users to manage their account and profile

MLS search

Basic search and Map based search for MLS property data for both solutions. Map with polygon, circle, zoom and drag search.

Property details

A full detailed page for MLS property.

Similar listing

Property listing suggestion as per current listing.

Neighborhood / Community

Facility to manage Neighborhood / Community in both solutions.


Different types of statistic report in both solutions.

Share listing

Share listing with people around the world. Sharing is possible on various platforms.


Custom subscription feature for various purpose.

WordPress inbuilt subscription feature.

Email template

Inbuilt attractive email templates.



Automatic newsletter sending as per set schedule.


Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator for easy calculation of instalments of your mortgage.


Custom design as per requirement for your website.

Custom branding

Various graphics as per your brand image.


WordPress based blog feature to engage people on your website.

Our solutions includes

We provide two types of solutions for our clients. Both have some differences. In our custom solution, we have two options for brokers and for agents while in WordPress solution, there is nothing like for brokers and for agents but it is a plugin. Our clients can choose any solution as per their occupation. Above, we have provided all features list which are belongs to our solutions. Our clients can choose any feature as they required. Our majority of clients choose custom solution. We do host our client’s website but its client’s responsibility to buy hosting server. We do help our clients to choose hosting server. We have also provided some features of ideal hosting server.