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Ideal hosting server

Suggest best server for your website

Preferred Server Type

Dedicated or VPS servers are preferable.

Operating system support for your website

Operating System

We recommend linux as an operation system. Other os like centos is also good.

Increase system performance by RAM

RAM (Memory)

Minimum 4 GB is recommended. This can be different as per web traffic. Higher RAM will increase server performance.

Storage capacity of your contents

Disk Storage

Minimum 15 GB is recommended. This can be different as per number of listings and its photos.

Web server for your website

Web Server

Apache is recommend as a web server. Check for .htaccess file support.

MYSQL Database server

MySQL Database Server

We recommend MySQL 5.6 database server or higher for good database communication. Prior to MySQL 5.6 database server do not support map search for listing. phpMyAdmin as a database client is recommend for database management and access.

Use PHP-Version that suitable for your website

PHP Version

We recommend PHP version 5.5 or higher. Higher version come with more functionality.

Provide supports for PHP.INI

Support For Custom PHP.INI Files

We recommend that your server should be able to use custom PHP.INI file. Some time as per requirement we need to modify some PHP settings and without PHP.INI it is not possible.

Provide SSH support for your website

Secure Shell (SSH) Access

For remote access of hosting server, SSH is required. It is faster and required to test different scripts related with development.

Provide supports on Email

E-mail Support (POP3 or IMAP)

To maintain website and upload. Download files FTP is required. E-mail is not necessary. It is depend on requirement. Some functionality required e-mail support.

Cronjobs for specific purpose


Hosting server must support cronjobs which are responsible for automatic process.

FTP access service

FTP Access

To maintain website and upload, download files FTP is required.

Online File Manager

Web File Manager

Hosting server should have some kind of file manager so developer can manage all programming code and other required files. Recommend web file manager is cPanel.

Provide service on your server

Server Support Type

Client must need to confirm with their hosting provider for support type. What kind of support and up to which level of support they will provide. It is also recommended that, client should ask for paid support and their charges to hosting provider before purchase.